Longford Tourism

UX | UI Design

The aim of this project was to redesign and consolidate a varied assortment of sites under one location. The goal was to improve and advertise tourism in Longford.

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The project started with a consultation with the client to provide a picture of the desired wants and needs of the website. During the consultation the client provided samples of websites that fit their view of what they wished to achieve. A walkthrough of the client's current website provided an opportunity to review changes. The outcome of the walkthrough resulted in a suggestion to do a complete redesign. After approval from the client, a draft plan of the phases required to complete the project was drawn up and presentated for approval. Firstly, standard methods were used to develop the site from an IA level. Later, the visual aspect was explored when a clearer idea of what we needed was obtained.

Problem Solving

At the time of colsulation the client was working from multiple sites consistenting of various content for Longford tourism. These sites were dated and contained inconsistent naviagtion methods throughout. There was also with a number of content areas that was crosing over between websites. The client felt that none of the sites protrayed who they were or their message. To solve this I suggested a complete redesign of the Longford Tourism website with the aim to ammalgamate all of the clients existing websites into one consistent simplified navigational structure. By creating a singular space to portray the Longford Tourism brand it allowed a more defintive message to be delivered to the user.

My Role

I was the UX/UI Designer of this project. My tasks involved carrying out UX research methods, providing wireframing, prototyping and testing. I developed micro-animations in conjunction with developers to create a clear and defined flow to the site.


I started with started with exploring what they, the stakeholders goals where for the site. After the initial research, assumptions of what the user would expect or need from the website was presented to the client. It was decided that there were three or four clear user types that I would design the site around. Firstly a first time user looking for information around tourism available in Longford, the second was for a resident in Longford searching for available amenties in the area, thirdly, for potential investors looking to see the process involved in starting a company in Longord and finally to allow residents to view updated council information in Longord. I designed the site with four categories, Tourism, Live, Invest and Council.

Concepts and Prototyping

The intention was to create a simple navigation structure. The current site had cluttered and excessive use of colour with an unsympathetic palette. The colour palette and structure was refined while keeping in mind the usablity for the site content creators. The aim was to keep the site managable and futureproof for the CMS users who would have to populate the site for the next 5 years or so. Using the idea of a minimal amount of templates with some flexibility would afford the CMS user control without the possibility of the site becoming unstructured and inconsistent in the future.


There was a compromise required between the limitations of the CMS, what the internal user could achieve and the lifespan of the site. The wireframe was designed whilst the developers started to build the website. Although this provided an opportunoity for the project to be completed on a quicker timeframe, it had the result of setbacks with design and development work. When there were adjustments made to the wireframes it resulted in additional time for the developers to redo work resulting in a longer timeframe than envisaged. With some flexible late edits to the project the ultimate result was a website that both the client and ourselves where happy with.

Completed June 2020 - Soon to be Live

About me

A little bit about myself. I have worked as a designer for the last seven years. Completed a Masters in Interaction Design from NCAD. I love working with people and in teams, and have a massive interest in design not just as a career but as a hobby. Outisde of work I like to be outdoors biking and hiking, and playing golf terribly.