This was a quick project to complete for Users to sign up for a promotional competion. The aim was to get User to sign up from a promotional advertiesment on social media sources. User s would be brought to the sign up form where once completing theywould be added a draw for a free case of the non-alcoholic Heinenken beer.

Concepts and Prototyping

The aim of this project was to make sign up a simple as possible, and removing unecessary questions or collective details would have detoured users from completing the From. Requested was a four step process excluding the promotional ad.


Learnings For such a quick project there was very little to take away. It worked quite simply and performed the require objective needed. Users signed up and cases of non-alcholic beer was posted out to the winners.

About me

A little bit about myself. I have worked as a designer for the last seven years. Completed a Masters in Interaction Design from NCAD. I love working with people and in teams, and have a massive interest in design not just as a career but as a hobby. Outisde of work I like to be outdoors biking and hiking, and playing golf terribly.