Sage / AutoEntry

Date of project - 2023

Icons - AutoEntry

This project invovled an updating of the plethora of icons from various different icon families and styles. Below is a breif over view of what work was created and the apporach taken.

FIgma Prototype - This is the prototype we used for User testing


Our product prior to the rebrand had a hodge podge of icons. Outlined to solid and varying in different sizes. I was fortune to be able to redesign the icons for the new app updates. The new icons would unfortunately not get used, But I thought why not show them off. As I put time and create a set of bespoke outlined icons for the product. “Thems the breaks” Anyway below is a set of Icons that was create for different functional and areas fo the product. I tried to add movement to the icons and geniune connection to the area that they represented. Rather then the click and copy from font awesome that was used previously. which came down to a lack of resources at the time.

Keylines and Guides

Keylines and Guides to the icons designed

Concepts + Ideation

So to that here our some examples of the Icons. I setup a guide and a couple of rules for creating the icons.
The Keylines and framwork for design and creating new icons above. What used to start the design process.

Ideas and design thinking

  • Do we go with solid or outlined?
  • What fits are product best with our colours + styles
  • Where to use what icon Spacing and Sizes? One size fit all
  • Or working with a variation of sizes
  • All icons need to look like they are apart of the same family.

FIgma Prototype - This is the prototype we used for User testing